Ironing board spray bottle holder

                                      The IronEZ is a revolutionary product that attaches to your ironing board to make ironing easy.

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A quilter's best friend

Are you tired of your spray bottle falling off your ironing board? Iron EZ has solved that problem.


Buy an extra one for your drink

IronEZ is so versatile. It fits soda bottles, water bottles, spray starch, and even a secret stash of candy.


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We are excited to be working with Kevin Harrington's company

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FREE spray bottle. ROTATES to store with your ironing board.

Make your life frustration free and more efficient by conveniently storing your spray bottle right along with your ironing board. 

How it works

Step One

Push button to open clamp.

Step Two

Squeeze clamp onto ironing board.

Step Three

Slide bottle holder onto button until it clicks.



It's as easy as that. 


Once you have used the IronEZ you will wonder how you ever got along without it!

– Anne J.

The IronEZ is a godsend allowing me to easily iron my quilting pieces without the spray bottle getting in the way.

– Beth W.

As much as I dislike ironing, I really dislike picking up the spray bottle even more! This product is awesome! Right at my elbow, where it should be, and stays there, not on the floor!

– Becky R.

IronEZ Product Video